About Anti Doping Danmark

Anti Doping Danmark is according to Danish law, ’Law on promoting integrity in sport’, a public independent institution with reference to the Ministry of Culture. It is Anti Doping Danmark’s responsibility to promote the fight against doping in sport.


ADD’s activities include:

  • Doping control
  • Results management and prosecution in relation to the fight against doping
  • Information and education
  • Research and development in relation to the fight against doping
  • International cooperation in relation to the fight against doping
  • Assistance to public authorities in activities related to Anti Doping Danmark’s area of response

Anti Doping Danmark conducts doping control and information-, education- and prevention-tasks in both organised and recreational sport, including fitness centres.


A legislative amendment in 2015 has created the possibility of establishing a Secretariat for the national platform to coordinate the fight against manipulation of sports competitions – colloquially referred to as match-fixing. Anti Doping Danmark har been charged with this coordinating responsibility to protect Danish sports from match-fixing and will do so in cooperation with sports organisations, other authorities, and relevant partners.



Find out more about ADD’s areas of response and developmens as well as statistics about the organisation’s work in the annual reports.

Contact Anti Doping Danmark

Anti Doping Danmark

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