ADD underskriver fælles udtalelse om Rusland

Anti Doping Danmark har tilsluttet sig en fælles udtalelse om Rusland, der senest ved udgangen af 2018 skulle udlevere dopingkontroldata fra Moskvas dopinglaboratorium, som det var krævet af WADA.

Den 20. september 2018 satte det internationale antidopingagentur, WADA, en konkret dato for, hvornår Rusland skulle udlevere data fra den såkaldte LIMS-database i Moskvas dopinglaboratorium. Kravet om udlevering af LIMS-data inden udgangen af 2018 var afgørende for, at den nationale russiske antidopingorganisation, RUSADA, i efteråret 2018 blev erklæret compliant i forhold til WADA-kodekset.

Det er ikke lykkes at få Rusland til at udlevere de afgørende data inden deadline den 31. december 2018, og derfor skriver 16 nationale antidopingorganisationer, herunder Anti Doping Danmark, i en udtalelse, at de forventer, at WADA stiller Rusland til ansvar og hurtigst muligt træffer beslutning om konsekvenserne for russisk idræt og antidopingarbejde.

Læs den samlede udtalelse fra ledere fra de nationale antidopingorganisationer her:


Statement from National Anti-Doping Organisations on Russia Compliance Deadline

January 2nd, 2018 - NADO Leaders acknowledge the January 1, 2019 Release from WADA outlining the current status of the management of anti-doping compliance matters in Russia. With a view to its 31 December 2018 deadline for Russia to provide the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) with the critical LIMS data from the Moscow Laboratory, the anti-doping world fully expects a decisive response in support of the clean athletes of the world. After more than three years of review, indecision and compromise in response to the worst doping scandal in the history of sport, the time has come to demonstrate that no individual nor nation is exempt from compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

On 20 September 2018 the WADA Executive Committee created an opportunity by providing a new opportunity for Russia to demonstrate interest in protecting the rights of clean athletes and a willingness to play by the rules. Russia has failed to meet its obligations. Therefore, we now call on WADA to stand firm, enforce the missed deadline and move without delay towards a decision in this matter. Recognizing WADA had previously scheduled a Compliance Review Committee meeting on January 14-15, 2019, NADO Leaders now call on WADA to acknowledge the gravity of this missed deadline and call for an immediate review and recommendation from the CRC.

We recognise RUSADA has been working with WADA in an effort to resolve these issues, but the conditions agreed on 20 September 2018 were unequivocal and without the data there can be only one outcome. The importance of this situation does not warrant providing a further two weeks for Russia to comply. With the interest of clean sport hanging in the balance, WADA must call for CRC to convene and consider this matter without further delay.

In October 2018 NADO Leaders signalled our steadfast commitment to the global athlete community in support of clean sport. Today, that commitment is stronger than ever, and that is why we believe Russia must be held accountable for its continuing failure to comply. A return to international sport should only be considered for Russia once full confidence in a clean Russian sporting culture is restored – in other words, only once WADA has received and verified the electronic LIMS data as well as access to the samples in the Moscow Laboratory.

NADO Leaders implore WADA to use its full authority and resources to expedite this matter.
This Statement is supported by the National Anti-Doping Organisations of: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, and USA.


Efter afsløringer af organiseret doping i Rusland fra den tyske tv-station ARD i 2015 og 2016 igangsatte WADA en uafhængig undersøgelse af forholdene vedrørende doping i russisk atletik under ledelse af Richard W. Pound. Undersøgelsen ledte til den videre undersøgelse af organiseret doping i russisk idræt under ledelse af Richard McLaren. Undersøgelsen mundede ud i to rapporter om situationen i Rusland.

Efterfølgende i september 2017 præsenterede WADA ’Roadmap to Compliance’, en køreplan med krav, som Rusland skulle leve op til, før de igen kunne blive erklæret compliant i forhold til WADA-kodekset. I september var Rusland ikke i mål, herunder manglede Rusland at give adgang til Moskvas dopinglaboratorium og den såkaldte LIMS-database. I den forbindelse erklærede WADA RUSADA compliant mod, at WADA inden udgangen af 2018 skulle have adgang til Moskva-laboratoriet og LIMS-databasen. Dette krav har Rusland ikke imødekommet inden deadline.