Anti Doping Danmark Issues Second Call in 2018 for Research Applications

Every year, Anti Doping Danmark promotes and funds research projects in the field of Anti-Doping.

This second research call for 2018 is open for applications in all sciences of anti-doping e.g. medical, social, legal etc. Nevertheless, ADD does not fund basic research. The total research grant for this second call is 500.000 Danish kroners, and the normal project grant is between 100.000 and 200.000 Danish kroners.

Application deadline for these applications is the 2nd of November 2018.

ADD supports research projects of high scientific quality with application-oriented potential. Projects are assessed against the following criteria (non-priority order):

  • The project's quality and originality.
  • The project's relevance to doping area.
  • Qualifications.

Applicants must have research experience and be affiliated with a recognized research institution. International research groups are invited to apply if they collaborate with Danish research institutions and the research projects are of relevance for the anti-doping work in Denmark.

The funds can be used for both salaries and operations.

Applications including annexes must be uploaded via this link (

Questions regarding the application must be directed to Anti Doping Denmark’s Scientific Consultant, Jakob Mørkeberg by email: or phone +45 4326 2538.