Athletes' Rights and Responsibilities

When you have been notified about your selection for a doping control:

You have the right to:

  • Have a representative and, if available, an interpreter
  • Ask for additional information about the sample collection process
  • If you are an athlete with a disability, to request modifications to the sample collection procedure
  • Request a delay in reporting to the doping control station for valid reasons (determined by the DCO)

You have the responsibility to:

  • Comply with Anti Doping Denmark’s sample collection procedures
  • Remain within direct observation of the DCO/chaperone at all times from the point of notification until the completion of the sample collection procedure
  • Produce appropriate identification
  • Report immediately for doping control, unless there are compelling reasons for a delay:
    • Participation in a victory ceremony
    • Giving interview to the media
    • Medical treatment
    • Continued participation in competition
    • Warm down
    • Finding a translator
    • Finding of clothes or ID
    • Other valid reasons (determined by the DCO)

Failure note to comply with doping procedures may constitute an anti-doping violation.

All information given during the doping control procedure will remain confidential.